We set up Mayhem because we saw the benefits of challenging yourself. We know how good it is for both your physical and mental health to set yourself a goal, work towards it and accomplish it in such an adrenaline fuelled craic filled manner!

So the philosophy behind Mayhem is really simple, it’s a good honest challenge. People ask us why we don’t time the challengers, why don’t we have hoops of fire, or baths of ice or tear gas chambers. Well… We wouldn’t want to run that, to us that is no longer fun. Mayhems track is made up of obstacles that are tough but enjoyable to tackle. You are never going to stand in front of a Mayhem obstacles and be afraid of it.

Having said all this Mayhem is in no way easy, we have had the Irish Army run over our track during their training. We have seasoned athletes do our 10k and 15k offerings.

Mayhem can be completed by everyone, every shape, size, age and gender can complete Mayhem, it will just be more of a challenge to some than others.


So come to Mayhem! Challenge yourself this September!