If you haven’t already heard, episode’s 5 & 6 of Ireland’s Fittest Family were shot at Mayhem Tipperary this year. It was really great having the crew, coaches and RTE down to Kedrah Castle, and we are super exited to see the final version aired on RTEOne in the coming weeks.

With all the excitement we have decided to give away 3 tickets for our #Mayhem7 challenge on Febuary 20th 2016.

To enter simply

  1. Watch Episode’s 5 & 6 of Ireland’s fittest Family (shot on the 29th and 6th of Dec)Competition time
  2. Follow Mayhem Tipp on Twitter @MayhemTipp  
  3. When you see Mayhem’s branding – take a picture
  4. Tweet us your picture and use the hashtag #MayhemComp along with #IrelandsFittestFamily


After both shows have been aired we will select the winners and notify you. Best of luck!