It seems like yesterday, when we successfully organised our first Mayhem event and we’re back in September 2015, to celebrate our first birthday after holding four hugely successful runs.


If you were not with us last year and are wondering what the fuss is all about, then read on.


Mayhem, is a 5K, 10K, and 15K challenge experience.  Note, that we don’t say or mean it’s a race because it’s not, it’s a challenge.  This is the great thing about Mayhem, it’s an obstacle course, involving mud baths, ropes, jumping through tyres and much, much more.  Sounds like fun right?  Well it is and that’s the key to our events.


Mayhem challenge experiences are not timed, the challenge is to complete the course.  This is no easy feat in itself, some people will find it tougher than others.  However, the nature of Mayhem is such that it encourages team-work and promotes a feeling of comradeship throughout the day.  There is no individual winner of Mayhem, everyone who takes part and completes the course should feel extremely proud of themselves.  If you see someone who could do with a little help, stop and offer them assistance, it’s surprising how many new friends you will make during the day.


One look at our website and you will realise, just how much fun people had at our last four events.  Since our first event the number of people wanting to participate has risen hugely.  In fact, challenge runs are fast becoming an alternative way to the gym of keeping fit.  Slogging it out on your own on a static bicycle or sliding through a mud bath with a group of mates, which sounds better to you?


As mentioned above, we have three different challenges at Mayhem, Standard (5K); Warrior (10K) and Titan (15K).  If you are unsure about which you should do, why not start with Standard and see how you get on?  There’s no pressure, you are not being timed and it’s not a race, so choose the level you feel most comfortable with.  Upon completion of the Standard course, next time you could come back and move on to the Warrior, now there’s a challenge for you!


Our venue of Kedrah Castle is ideal, as it’s also used as an outdoor equestrian centre, making for some very interesting and challenging terrain.


So this September, why not get a group of friends or work colleagues together and take on the Mayhem challenge?  We guarantee a day full of fun, fitness and reward.  Tickets are currently on sale on the website for our challenge on 19th September 2015 and will sell out, so don’t delay and become part of a great outdoor experience.

– The Team at Mayhem