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When and where does Mayhem take place?
Mayhem takes place at Kedrah Castle, Cahir, Co. Tipperary on February 11th 2017.

When do entries close?
Once we are full – please book early to avoid disappointment.

Tickets, tickets, tickets!
Please make sure you have a ticket on you on the day of the event. Tickets all have a square barcode on them. We ask that you bring the ticket on your phone (save the trees!) but we will accept paper tickets aswell. Also please make sure all tickets are assigned to a person and all questions are answered for each ticket before the event.

What time does the event run from/ to and what time should I arrive/run at?
We will be sending you an email on Thursday 9th February at 18:00 with a suggested wave time. This time will fall between 10:30am and 3pm which is when the event is being run. We ask that you try and stay as close to your suggested wave time as possible however we understand that people either want to run with friends who are at a different time or have other commitments on the day. Running at your wave time minimises the amount of waiting you will do on the day.

How long before my wave time should I arrive?
Please arrive 45 mins before your wave time, when you arrive an attendant will show you where to park your car. From your car you will be directed to our Registration/HQ where one of the Meagher family will validate your ticket and give you your iconic Mayhem jersey and wristband (which is your ticket when out on the track).

Is there somewhere I can get changed?
We have segregated changing and shower areas for men and women. We are the only event in the country that has hot power showers for our challengers when they have completed our track.

I want to take part in the OCR championship, what time is my wave and how do I enter?
Mayhem is not a competition and we do not time contenders. However our first wave that we release on the track at 10:00am will be a competitive wave that is part of the OCR championships. Please around 9:15am to allow yourself time to register and warm up. First 10 men and women across the finish line will be recorded.

Will I be warmed up?
Yes! You will be treated to a one of a kind warm up by our (sometimes unconventional!) motivator Richie!

Children and the 2K, whats the story?
The first two kilometers of the 5K track have kiddie obstacles alongside the full blown adult versions. So you can run the first 2K together with your child. Very Important That you have another guardian waiting at the end of the 2K ready to pick up your child and make sure they get warm immediately because it can get a bit chilly in February.

Is the 10k track different to the 5k track?
No, people running the 10k track run the 5k twice but be warned it is no easy feat with over 60 obstacles and a hilly muddy terrain. This is no run in the park.

Do I need to be fit?
All fitness levels can take part in Mayhem. If you have never done anything similar before and consider yourself not very fit, we advise you to sign up for 1 lap only and you can walk it.

What can I expect?
Lots of crawling on your hands and knees and climbing up river banks and cargo netting. We have lots of obstacles so if you are not sure that you can tackle an obstacle please walk around and go on to the next one.

Will the Track be marked?
As competitors requested at our last event the track will be thoroughly signed with signs directing you and tape around areas where you might go wrong. There will also be marshal’s dotted all along the track to help/guide you!

Do I need to be able to swim?
You will need to be able to wade through water that may be up to hip height.

Can I skip an obstacle?
Yes – if you do not feel confident enough to tackle one of our Nuttie obstacles just walk around it. There are around 30 obstacles per 5K so you will not be missing out!

How far is the course?
One lap is approximately 5KM. (Please do not underestimate Mayhem course as there are over 30 obstacles and it can be very physically draining).

How long does it take to get around?
Most contestants complete one lap in about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. As this is the first year of Mayhem, why not try to be the first in? As an incentive, we’ll give you free entry to our next event!

Is parking available?
Yes, there is plenty of hardcore parking available free of charge.

What to bring with you on the day?
A towel; Clothes and footwear to get changed into after the challenge (including underwear as you will get soaked!).
A bag for your dirty clothes.
Refuel Food.
There will be a water stations Any contestants doing multiple laps can bring snacks and energy drinks for when they lap back round. These can be left at the refuel station as you lap back round.

What sort of clothing should I wear?
Nothing white!
Cold weather:
We recommend base layers, gloves, hat, windproof top and waterproof socks
Warm weather:
T-shirts and running bottoms made of sports fabrics; though please bear in mind that if you choose to wear shorts this may result in grazed and cut knees, similarly if you wear t-shirts expect your arms to get grazed and cut too.
Trainers (Please make sure your laces are tied tightly as they will get sucked off in the mud). Some savvy runners duck tap the laces of their shoes to avoid stones getting in.
Please note we do not allow spikes or studded shoes. If you turn up in these, you will not be allowed to race.

Are there showers?
We have male and female communal showers with hot water. Please bring a towel and a change of clothing and something warm along with you.

Where can I put my belongings?
There is a staffed key drop area where you can leave your keys and other valuables when you are off on the challenge. Please leave other valuables in your car; the car park is manned by staff all day.

Bag Drop
An area is available for you to leave your bags however, this bag drop is not staffed so please leave only non-valuable items. Please do not leave money, cards, keys or phones etc.

Will there be food and drinks available?
There will be hot tea and coffee to warm you up after running along with biscuits and bananas. If you want something more substantial we recommend you bring it with you.
During the challenge there will be water stops.

I’m a photographer (amateur/professional) can I take photos at this event?
Of course! Mayhem is a fantastic opportunity to take stunning action pictures so if your relish the challenge or just want to build/diversify your portfolio. We ask that photos on the day are not sold without talking to us first and we request that we may use any photos taken on the day in our marketing of future events.

Can I bring people to watch?
Friends, family and children can come along and watch. Pets are also welcome provided they are on a lead.

First Aid
We have separate male and female medical tents. There will be an onsite paramedic.

Mayhem Challenge Run is located at Kedrah Castle, Cahir, Co. Tipperary. Click here to view a map.


There are no refunds if you cancel or do not show up on the day. We are unable to transfer your booking to future Mayhem Challenge Runs.

Can I swap my entry to a friend?

I have another question
If this FAQ section has not answered your question(s) please contact us and we’ll be delighted to assist.


Please read HSE Advice regarding Mud Runs here