For an incredible team challenge in the heart of gorgeous Tipperary, you won’t do better than Mayhem.

Designed to challenge women, men, and teens over the age of 14 of all athletic abilities (and none), at its

heart Mayhem is a demanding but fun open air obstacle course, containing everything from mud baths to

ladders, slides, water features and Tarzan ropes.


The philosophy behind Mayhem is that it’s an experience and a challenge rather than a competition, and it’s

designed to encourage team members to work together to ensure that no-one’s left behind. This makes

Mayhem ideal for corporate team building exercises- it somehow creates bonds between people if

they’ve seen each other sliding around in mud or falling into ditches- and Mayhem also offers great group

discounts, so whether your team is comprised of family members celebrating a big birthday, a hen party,

or office mates on a bonding experience, one thing’s for certain: it will be a messy, stimulating, and

exciting day out leaving you with memories and pictures to last a lifetime.


Based at the stunning Kedrah Castle venue, Mayhem will take place again this year on Saturday 23rd May.

The course itself is 5k, and those looking for a bigger challenge can go around twice- but be warned, with

over 60 obstacles, doing a 10k Mayhem is no walk in the park! Walk, run, sprint or crawl around the

course with your group- whatever it takes to get you there- and there will be marshals to guide you along

the way and give you a hand at some of the stickier phases. Some obstacles are more challenging than

others, so can be skipped if you’re worried it’s all getting a bit much.


Small snacks and hot drinks will be provided at the end of the challenge, but if you’re going around more

than once it’s definitely recommended that you stop to refuel. It’s tough but you won’t be pushed

beyond your limits: the course is infinitely adaptable for those with lower levels of fitness, that being said

the more competitive challengers can find out their time for the purposes of boasting at the office water

cooler come Monday morning.


The organisers of Mayhem want it to be a challenge, not a race, it’s all about the experience rather than

the finish line. Help each other to wade, jump, climb, crawl and squeeze through each obstacle as the

course progresses, and become closer as a result. Some companies take their teams to dull business

hotels to bond in the meeting rooms, but here at Mayhem, we think an obstacle course is the better way

to do it- you’re breathing fresh air, getting amazing exercise, and working together at a meaningful

challenge that anyone can participate in!


Taking place at the weekend, it’s a change of pace for office workers and others whose day-to-day

working lives are generally quiet, civilised, and mud-free. As you climb hay bales and slide into lakes,

you’ll soon have a new perspective on things, especially when it’s your colleagues picking you up out of

the boggy ground. Mayhem is an annual event, so don’t lose your opportunity to take part this May: it’s

the perfect group activity for your family, club, sports team, friends, or co-workers.