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What is Mayhem?

Mayhem can be a 2K, 5K, 10K, and 15K challenge experience that’s all about the experience, comradeship, and the craic.

Set in the heart of gorgeously green Tipperary, participants can sprint, jog, crawl, roll, walk, or drag themselves around the demanding obstacle course, sliding through mud baths, swinging on Tarzan ropes, and jumping through tyres.

From professional athletes to groups of friends, corporate teams, pre-season training, hen parties, and family members celebrating anniversaries or big birthdays, Mayhem is a fun, challenging and dirty -in the best possible sense- day out for anyone, of any fitness level, over the age of 14.

When is the next Mayhem?

For the first time ever we have decided to theme our event, sometimes life really teaches you a lesson and this is one of them:

So on February 11th the theme of the day will be -

Mayhem XI - Your Health is Your Wealth.

on the

11th February 2017

Right.. Tickets?

Our friends over at Tito (beautiful ticketing software) have got you covered! Now, listen here. Ticket prices increase by €2.50 every fortnight. So make sure to book in ASAP to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Mayhem is

Wait, tell me more about Mayhem.

Okay, so you need to know more about Mayhem before you commit to tickets, we get it, we all have commitment issues. Scroll on for more information about Mayhem, the new kid on the block of challenge runs.
5K Challengers

5K Challengers

Are you ready to take on our 5K track, with 30 Obstacles to run, jog, hop, crawl and swing. Over, under, through & around.
10K Warriors

10K Warriors

Think you've got it in you to complete two circuits of our track? Well, that would make you a Mayhem Warrior. Its no easy feat with 60 obstacles over the 10 kilometers.
15K Titans

15K Titans

The toughest challenge we have, with this ticket you are challenged to run the course THREE times. That's 90 obstacles. And keep in mind our obstacles are not easily navigated. They take strength, balance & accuracy to get across. So are you a TITAN? Please note Titan tickets go on sale mid-december.
One circuit around the course takes in over 30 obstacles, so Warriors and Titans need to be prepared to deal with 60+ and 90+ obstacles respectively- trust us, this is no walk in the park, and will challenge even the fittest! While there’s no doubt that Mayhem offers a serious physical challenge to anyone, if it ever feels like it’s too much, participants are perfectly welcome to walk parts (or all!) of the course, and skip any obstacles which look like they might just be too punishing. We have done a lot of work bringing Mayhem back to the stuff that makes it amazing, but with this there are some changes in the pipeline. Check them out below.
Great Craic! Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'Happy as a pig in S##t!'.
Sean Murphy Mayhem Challenger
Brilliant craic, staff are so friendly and helpful, and can't wait for the next one.
Christina HealyMayhem Challenger
Absolutely brilliant fun doing Mayhem on Sat. A great team bonding event for clubs. Will be back in May for the next one.
Helena B.Mayhem Challenger

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